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Sharper image CD Radio Alarm Clock & Sound Soother


  • State-of-the-art speakers deliver incredibly rich, full-range, high-fidelity sound.
  • Fall asleep to the Sound Soother, then wake up to a CD track of your choice, buzzer, church bells or radio.
  • Play a Sound Soother selection, such as "White Noise," throughout the night to mask unwanted sounds.
  • Blue backlit LCD screen shows 12/24 time; month, day, year; room temp. (°F or °C); CD track; radio station; and selected soothing sound.
  • This Sharper image CD Radio Alarm Clock & Sound Soother features Aluminum Cone Speaker Technology

    Fill every moment with brilliant sounds of your own choosing — from waking up to "Wind Chimes" to falling asleep to a quiet CD or FM station. This beautifully trim, portable stereo features a CD player, an AM/FM/TV-band tuner, a Sound Soother® with 20 soundscapes and more. When selecting sounds and music to relax, work, sleep or wake by — at home or away — you can't beat its amazing versatility. This portable entertainment center is great for your bedside table, kitchen countertop, office credenza, living room shelf, hotel room — everywhere!

    We've significantly upgraded the sound of this stereo with state-of-the-art driver technology — each built-in speaker now features an aluminum cone diaphragm, a high-compliance suspension ring and an oversize neodymium magnet. Like the speakers in the most up-to-date personal computers, this new technology delivers super-high energy output, low distortion and enhanced frequency response that's hard to believe in speakers this size.

    The CD player features 21-track programming and anti-skip ESP (Electro Shock Protection) with a 40-second memory buffer. Choose among four equalizer presets. The AM/FM stereo radio features digital PLL tuning with 30 presets and quick auto-scan.

    The built-in Sound Soother offers 20 digitally recorded relaxing sounds that screen out distracting noises and sweep you away on an instant vacation at the touch of a button. Included are innovative soundscapes like "Fireside," "City" and "Dockside," plus natural sound environments like "Yosemite Falls," "Ebb Tide" and "Thunderstorm." For the first time, you can program the clock's alarm to wake you with any of the soothing sounds!

    The LCD alarm clock will wake you to any CD track you choose, or to the radio, a regular buzzer, Church Bells or the Sound Soother. The alarm ramps up gradually in 10 steps; choose your snooze interval by pressing the big bar once for 10 minutes, twice for 20, and so on up to 60 minutes. It's a talking clock, too! Press "Talk" and a voice will announce the time — there's no need to put on your glasses! Fall asleep to any of the soothing sounds, a CD or the radio by setting the timer to turn off automatically in 15-minute increments up to an hour. During the final five minutes, the volume gradually ramps down to silence — easing you to sleep.

    The blue-backlit LCD screen displays all information at a glance: 12/24 time; alarm setting; month, day, year; °F/°C room temperature; selected sound; CD track and more. Sleek, trim, case folds closed while leaving music controls — and speakers — uncovered. Measures 9"x 6" x 2" and weighs just 32 oz. Comes with stereo earbuds. Plugs in with included AC adapter. For portability, it also runs on 6 AA batteries (not included). Comes in silver, burltech, black and platinum (please allow us to choose). Created by Sharper Image Design®. One-year warranty.


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     Brand & Model:   Sharper ImageSharper SI785YYY
    Item Number:   1949 

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     18.00 lbs


     Discontinued Model

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