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Sharper Image Sound Soother 20 with Sleep Timer

The Sharper Image Sound Soother 20 is rated "Best Overall" in The Wall Street Journal.


  • Features all-digital recordings of authentic natural environments.
  • "Windchimes", "Foghorns" and 18 other innovative soundscapes.
  • Sixty-minute sleep-timer gently ramps down to total silence.
  • Rotary volume control, headphone jack and omni-directional speaker.


 Sharper Image is pleased to introduce their most complete Sound Soother ever, Sharper Image's beautiful new Sound Soother 20 with Sleep Timer.  Its soothing sounds leave you feeling relaxed, clear-headed, rejuvenated. The soothing sounds are all-digital recordings of authentic natural environments, plus innovative soundscapes of "Wind Chimes," "Foghorns," "Roadside," and 17 others, projected with amazing fidelity through a high-quality omni-directional speaker.

Woody Allen-types may find the crickets of "Summer Night" harrowing but the drone of taxis on "City" streets comforting. Or a Nebraska farmer might dream along with "Dockside" sounds but wouldn't want to hear one more "Thunderstorm." Babies coo to "Heartbeat." Couples snuggle to a crackling "Fireside." Make your choice to mask out traffic noises, barking dogs, a snoring partner, a neighbor's stereo — and escape the noisy, hectic world.

The graceful design and beautifully simple controls are the first step toward creating a serene personal environment. Memory retains your last-selected sound upon start-up. The 60-minute sleep-timer, during the final five minutes of play, gently ramps down to total silence  avoiding any abrupt cessation that can disrupt sleep.

Features rotary volume-control and headphone jack. Measures 4 1/2" high and 5 3/4" across. Runs on 6 AA batteries (SM660, order separately), or plugs in using optional AC adapter (SM902, order separately). One-year warranty.

The 20 included soothing sounds:

1. Brook  2. City  3. Aviary  4. Rain  5. Fireside  6. North Woods  7. Rainforest  8. Summer Night  9. Oceanside  10. Steam Train  11. Everglades  12. Yosemite Falls  13. Wind Chimes  14. Thunderstorm  15. Ebb Tide  16. Heartbeat  17. Foghorns  18. Dockside  19. White Noise  20. Surf's Up

 Brand & Model:   Sharper ImageSharper SI677PLT
Item Number:   2403 

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 7.50 lbs


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